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Pastor Quin - An Abundant Harvest

In Paul’s letter to the Galatians, he makes a very interesting statement.  Galatians 6:9 reads:  “So we must not get tired of doing good.”  This is an often quoted scripture.  But doesn’t it sound odd to say to someone, that doing good things is a very tiring exercise, and that there is the potential for giving up on doing good?  Has anyone ever said the opposite?  Don’t give up on doing evil things?  I suppose that Satan may say such a thing.  But none of us would ever consider making that statement.

We agree, we would never express the opposite.  What does that say about why we need encouragement to keep doing good?  The answer lies in the fact that doing good can be hard work.  Verse 9 is written in the context of reaping what we sow.  It is simple logic to know that we reap what we plant.  In this context, if we do evil things, evil will grow all around us.  It will grow so thick around us that we will not be able to escape its rewards.  If we plant good things, then good will grow around us.  Since this is so logical, then why do we need encouragement to keep doing what we ought to do?  Again, the answer is in the illustration.  You never plant a seed and harvest a crop in the same day.  We are so focused on demanding instant gratification that we refuse to wait for our crop to mature.  This takes time.  Actually, we have plenty of time to wait, but often we are just too impatient.

So, the Bible is teaching us to keep planting.  The good news here is that sooner or later, the good deeds that we do will produce good fruit that we can enjoy at the season of harvest.  If we keep on planting our crops mature at just the right time.  Also, if we keep on planting, we will harvest multiple crops.  No harvest sustains the farmer forever.  He must continue to plant so that he can continue to harvest.  This is indeed how we live in the abundance that Jesus provides.  But, always remember, if we aren’t planting, we will never harvest.  If we limit our planting, we will limit our harvest.  If we plant abundantly, we will harvest abundantly.

Pam Creason