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Pastor Ed - More Than a Meal

Our students have been spending some time studying about the person of Jesus from the book of John. Part of this study included John 6 where Jesus fed the 5,000. This is an incredible story of how Jesus cared for the physical needs of the crowd who came unprepared and were hungry. Later in the chapter the crowd follows Jesus and ask him for more food. Jesus challenges them to seek more than food but to follow him. They then ask Jesus for a sign so that they may believe. As if feeding them with a few pieces of fish and some bread was not sign enough.

            As we studied this passage I thought about the needs around us every day. There is hurt, disappointment, financial struggle, broken relationships and many other needs that people face. Jesus cares about each of these deeply and He expects us to as well. If we are not intentional in our efforts to meet people where they are, then we will never have the opportunity to at all.

            Why do we do this? Because Jesus loves them and we should as well. Jesus cared so much about them that He wanted them to have more than just a meal. He wanted them to know the one who provides all things. I think of the difference Jesus made in my life. Not only did he forgive me of my sin and provide eternal salvation, but He offered a life of purpose and meaning. He offered more than a meal.     

            As we do ministry, let’s point people to Jesus. I can think of so many people in my sphere of influence who need to know that there is a God who cares for them in so many ways. I must be obedient in sharing the love of God with them.

Pam Creason