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Pastor Ed - Life On Mission

Life on Mission

December is the month we set aside to recognize and collect an offering for International missions. The Lottie Moon Christmas offering has been a staple in Southern Baptist circles for years.  Lottie Moon was a courageous woman who gave her life to reach the  people of China.  Her example should be an inspiration to us, not just a name attached to a yearly offering.  This offering goes a long way to spreading the gospel throughout the world.  Many missionaries are supported by this yearly emphasis. 

When Jesus said that we will be His witnesses to all the nations that means we have a responsibility to do just that.  We are to be actively involved in carrying out the Great Commission.  We are to be the ones who spread the gospel to those around the world.  How do we do this?  What can we do to be involved?

First, look at the needs around us.  To be involved  in world missions, we need to be involved in our local community.  There are places and people right here in Casper that need assistance.  Pray for those who live among us.  Get involved in the lives of people.  Look for places to volunteer.  Build relationships with our neighbors.  Love our community the way that God  loves our community.

Second, ask ourselves the question:  What is God doing around our state and nation?  How can I be involved?  America is a nation in need of the gospel of Christ.  After hurricanes Andrew, Katrina, and Ike, I had the opportunity to go and work in the areas devastated by these disasters.  I found people open, receptive and hungry for something to place their hope in.  There is no greater hope than Jesus.  There are always places in our country looking for Christians to come and assist in their ministries.  Actively seek places to pray for and maybe go and serve.

Lastly, we need to have a worldwide view of  missions.  I believe that when Jesus said that we will be his witnesses, He expected us to be involved.  In order to do this, we need to know what is going on around our world.  Read about missionaries and pray for them.  Get involved in sending shoeboxes or sponsoring a child.   Or maybe go.  Serving in Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Portugal, Haiti and Canada has greatly impacted my walk with the Lord and my view of God’s work around our world.  My view of missions has gotten broader.  God is bigger than just what I can see around me.

Our church has many opportunities to be involved  in missions.  There are several groups in our church involved in community ministries.  We have a yearly mission trips to Haiti and Canada. We can go, share,  and assist God’s work there.  This year as we think about Lottie Moon, as we place some money in the offering plate or wrap it as a gift for our ingathering service, let us commit ourselves to God’s mission.  Let us be active in spreading the gospel in our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth.

Pastor Ed


Pam Creason