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Pastor Quin - The Purpose of Christmas

The Purpose of Christmas

December is always a special time.  It moves us through the holiday season into the celebration of Christmas.  When we ask someone if they are “ready for Christmas”, we usually mean do you have all your presents purchased, your travel plans made, and your Christmas dinner laid out.  I think, we would do well, along with all of the Christmas trappings, to prepare  our hearts for one of the great Christian celebrations that we regularly observe.

Simply put, we need to consider what Christmas is truly about.  It is about the birth of the Messiah.  It is about the advent of the Son of God.  It is a time of celebration to praise God for the bringing forth of His plan to achieve the redemption of mankind.  Let me encourage you to take a few minutes this month to quietly consider all that God did for you on the first Christmas.  That night, in the town of Bethlehem, God set events in motion that would eventually lead you into His  Kingdom.  These events would echo down through the centuries, until they resonated in your heart, bringing you into God’s intended relationship with Him.  When we bear the name of Christ, when    we are one of His disciples, we have first-hand knowledge of the true  purpose of Christmas.  This makes this a very special holiday.  This makes it far more meaningful and special as it fulfills its original  intent from our God who created it.

So, let me encourage you to work hard in all of   your preparations for Christmas this year.  Decorate your home.  Purchase your Christmas presents.  Turn  on your Christmas music.  Enjoy everything this season has to offer.  But, do not forget to take a few moments in all of the hustle and bustle of the season to be   mindful of what this holiday is all about.  It is about our God, who sent His Son to be our Savior.  Then, when  He becomes our Savior, then the true meaning of Christmas flourishes within us and this becomes the  day of celebration it is meant to be.

Have a very Merry Christmas,

Pastor Quin


Pam Creason