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Fare Thee Well - Pastor Quin

The ending of this year (2018) and the beginning of the New Year (2019) has a special meaning for me this time around.  As you know by now, I have resigned as Pastor of Boyd Avenue to accept the position of State Missionary with our state denomination. 

As I look back across these past 22 years, I truly do not have words to adequately express how I feel at this moment.  Boyd Avenue is truly a great church!  There is nothing that I will ever accomplish professionally that will come close to the joy and success that I have felt in being your pastor.  Through the years we have seen God do some great things.  Personally, the last of my dark hair went away, my children finished growing up and eventually left home, I have grown more competent in many areas, my wife, Beth, has been fulfilled in many ways.  You have supported us, loved us, taken care of us, encouraged us in so many ways at so many times.  I want to extend my heart-felt thanks to each and every one of you for the love that you have given to me, my wife, and our family.

Through the years, we have laughed together many times.  We have also shed a few tears.  There have been some difficult days, but those times were few.  I have developed some very close relationships.  These are attachments that time and title do not affect, nor will resignation or position change sever them.

I could spend a lot of space walking down memory lane in this article.  Memory lane is a wonderful and beautiful place.  But, I want to leave you with a few words of encouragement.  Boyd Avenue has a bright and exciting future.  One of these days, God is going to lead another man into the role that I have filled for a long time.  None of us knows who this person might be, but allow me to encourage you to put your arms around him and his family in the same way you love me and my family.  This new pastor will have a new vision.  He will have strengths in areas where I have weaknesses and he will have weaknesses in areas where I have strengths.  But, in that day, he will be your new pastor.  Unless, he attempts to lead you in an unbiblical direction, you will need to follow him.  I will be here to help him, but I will never interfere with His direction or leadership.  So, do for him what you have done for me and the future will be bright and exciting. 

You see, the true leader of this church never changes.  This Church belongs to Jesus.  His Spirit is in this place and upon you HIs people.  That is the way it is, that is the way it will always be.  Keep your eyes on Him.  Honor His commandments.  Love one another.  Pray for one another. 

It has been my highest honor and greatest joy to be your pastor.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You,

Fare Thee Well,

Pastor Quin


Pam Creason