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Frisbees and Jesus - Pastor Ed

There are things in life that we are passionate about. These are things that come from deep within us and that we have strong feelings about. Others may be able to influence our passions but they cannot determine them. Our passions come from within ourselves.
            I know of grown men who are very passionate about their sports teams. They will buy merchandise, watch the games, and sometimes even paint their faces when they have the opportunity to watch live. There is no question about their love for their team.
            There are a few things in life that I am passionate about. I love sports. I cheer for the Cubs and the Colts. I absolutely love to play Frisbee! Very few people who know me are unaware of my love for Frisbee. I am also passionate about ministry to students. And…. I love Jesus!
            God created our passions and desires to use them for His ministry. When trying to figure out where God may be wanting to use you, start with your passions. Many, many times I have had great opportunity to build relationships with students and share the Gospel while throwing a Frisbee. We have students in our ministries that I met while in a park playing a game of Frisbee. Hunting, shopping, crafts, sports, or anything else can be used for ministry. We don’t have to make it so hard. Start with the things you love and use them to share your story of how Jesus has changed your life.

Pam Creason