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With Winter Comes Spring! - Pastor Ed

I enjoy the different seasons. Living in Wyoming I sometimes get to enjoy all four seasons in one day. Spring and summer are probably my favorites. Spring brings longer days and warmer weather and  summer is filled with outdoor activity. I don’t mind fall. The crisp autumn days mean that hunting season in here. And then there is winter. Winter is not my favorite season. Actually it is my least favorite. Honestly, I just dislike winter.   I am not a fan of the cold and I don’t like the long, dark days. I especially am not a fan of shoveling snow. I do, however, know the importance of winter. Especially in Wyoming and the western states where winter snow brings water for the summer. This makes me appreciate winter, but I will never like it.  The only benefits to winter are that I have discovered snowshoeing and that it makes me appreciate summer all the more.

Thankfully, winter is almost over.  I know that the weather outside can’t make up its mind. Nice one day and snow the next. However, the calendar says that  winter is almost over and spring is near. 

The end of winter and the beginning of spring bring newness to life.  I have always enjoyed the freshness that comes with the end to winter.  The sun is out, baseball is starting, and visions of green grass and outdoor activity are on my mind.  My favorite times of the year.

My ministry and my spiritual life can be like the seasons. There are times that I feel like winter: Cold, gloomy and seeming to last forever. These are the days when I feel empty, tired and ready for something fresh.  We all have these times in our lives. They can be times of struggle, doubt, difficulty, or just times that our spiritual lives are dry. Just like with winter, I don’t particularly enjoy these times, but they can serve a purpose. The good news is that with winter comes spring.  I know that there are times of struggle, but with these will come a time of celebration.  The sun will shine.  God will work, and great things will happen. Then come times like summer and fall, full of excitement and adventure. Times when we feel so close to God and are refreshed in His presence.

In the midst of winter it is sometimes hard to look ahead to the spring. I am thankful that through all seasons God is at work.  There will be a time when I can look back and see how God has worked, and will appreciate it even more because of the time of struggle.  I appreciate summer because we have winter.  I appreciate God’s goodness, because of my struggles.

Pastor Ed


Pam Creason