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Seeking God’s Vision for Our Church - Pastor Ed

Just over 60 people gathered on January 2nd to spend time evaluating the ministry of Boyd Avenue and attempting to discover who we should be as a church moving into the future. This group took an honest look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for ministry, and any threats facing us. From this, we came up with a list of who we think we are as a church. This list was summed up in six areas that we can build on moving into the future.

Between January and May, I met with several of our small groups to discuss what this might look like for our church. Well over one hundred people participated in these discussions as we took a serious look at what our church is doing and what our church should be possibly doing. These were encouraging, insightful meetings. Through these meetings, a direction for our church began to take shape.

On May 5th we gathered together again to discuss a proposal to strategically move forward in these six areas. Over 70 adults participated in this meeting. Our church is already structured around ministry teams. These teams have the ability to drive the ministry of our church. The key is to have leaders and teams in place that are willing and trained to carry out their responsibilities.

So who are we? Boyd Avenue is to be a Biblically sound, Christ-centered church. Everything we do will be built on God’s Word and centered on a relationship with Jesus. We understand that we will need to be a praying church if we have any desire to be effective as a church. We also see ourselves as a loving, welcoming, family oriented church that understands the need to minister to the whole family. This means having ministries designed for the family as a whole, but also understanding the importance of having strong men’s, women’s, youth, and children’s ministries. Along with this, Boyd Avenue also needs to be a church that provides ministry training and opportunity for believers to be a part of God’s mission inside and outside of the church. Church programs are to be an avenue to reach out into our world. Boyd Avenue needs to be an outreach minded church with a vision for the community around us. This begins with each individual. We also need to be a church that is locally and globally minded as Jesus directed in Acts 1:8.

Beginning September 8th we will have a seven part sermon series as we look at these areas and what this looks like for us. The first sermon will be an introduction and then I will preach through each of these six areas. Join us for each of these Sundays. Pray for our church. Participate as God leads. Boyd Avenue continues to be an exciting place of worship and ministry.

Pam Creason